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Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK 2023

Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK is an American multinational chain of coffee shops known for its premium coffee and cozy atmosphere. Founded in 1971, the company has expanded globally, with thousands of locations worldwide, including several in Coventry, UK.

The purpose of this menu outline is to provide an overview of the Starbucks menu offerings in Coventry, UK in 2023. Whether you are a coffee lover or looking for a quick bite to eat, this menu outline will showcase the variety of options available at Starbucks. Additionally, this outline will highlight the customization and dietary options, as well as the rewards program, making it easier for customers to navigate the menu and make informed choices.

Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK

Category Examples of Items
Breakfast – Bacon and Gouda breakfast sandwich – Classic oatmeal – Spinach and feta wrap – Blueberry muffin
Baked Goods – Croissants (plain, chocolate, or almond) – Cake pops (various flavors) – Banana bread – Scones (various flavors)
Sandwiches – Turkey and Havarti sandwich – Roasted ham, Swiss, and egg sandwich – Caprese sandwich – Chicken and hummus protein box
Salads – Chicken and quinoa protein bowl – Southwest salad – Caesar salad – Hearty veggie and brown rice salad
Snacks – Protein boxes (various options) – Popcorn – Chips – Jerky

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Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK

Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK Locations

Address : Olivier Way, Coventry CV2 2SH, United Kingdom

  • Coventry Eastern Bypass, Binley Woods, Coventry CV3 2ZZ, United Kingdom
  • 52 Broadgate, Coventry CV1 1NF, United Kingdom
  • Unit 2, Island Site, Tile Hill Ln, Coventry CV5 6UA, United Kingdom
  • Fairfax St, Coventry CV1 5RQ, United Kingdom
  • Railway Station, Station Square, Coventry CV1 2GT, United Kingdom
  • Dolomite Ave, Coventry CV4 9GZ, United Kingdom
  • Fletchamstead Hwy, Coventry CV4 7BB, United Kingdom
  • VINCI Facilities FM Building Walsgrave Hospital, University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, Clifford Bridge Rd, Coventry CV2 2DX, United Kingdom
  • Highfield Ln, Coventry CV7 8NR, United Kingdom
  • M6, Coventry CV7 8NR, United Kingdom
  • Unit 2 Classic Dr, Rowley’s Green, Coventry CV6 6AS, United Kingdom

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Starbucks Menu Coventry, UK Opening Hours

Monday, 6 am–10 pm
Tuesday, 6 am–10 pm
Wednesday, 6 am–10 pm
Thursday, 6 am–10 pm
Friday, 6 am–10 pm
Saturday, 6 am–10 pm
Sunday, 6 am–10 pm

Rewards Program

The Starbucks Rewards program is a loyalty program designed to reward customers for their continued patronage. Here’s an overview of how the program works and the benefits and perks you can enjoy as a member:


  • To join the program, you can register through the Starbucks app or website.
  • Once you join, you’ll earn two Stars for every £1 spent on eligible purchases.
  • You can redeem your Stars for free food or drinks, as well as other perks.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Free birthday drink or food item.
  • Free in-store refills of brewed coffee and tea.
  • Ability to order and pay using the Starbucks app for contactless and convenient ordering.
  • Exclusive member-only offers and discounts.
  • Personalized offers based on your purchase history.
  • Early access to limited edition merchandise and drinks.
  • Free trial of Spotify Premium.
  • Access to exclusive members-only events and experiences.

In addition to these benefits and perks, the Starbucks Rewards program also offers tiered membership levels based on the number of Stars you earn within a calendar year. The three tiers are Green, Gold, and Starbucks Reserve™ Roaster. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits, including more personalized offers and perks.

Overall, the Starbucks Rewards program is a great way to save money and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits as a regular customer of Starbucks.


In conclusion, Starbucks in Coventry, UK in 2023 offers a wide range of beverages and food items to suit a variety of preferences and dietary needs. From espresso-based drinks to cold brew, hot tea to smoothies, and breakfast items to salads, Starbucks has something for everyone. Additionally, the menu includes seasonal items and limited-time offers to keep things interesting. With customization options and a rewards program, customers can tailor their orders to their liking and earn perks while doing so. Overall, Starbucks in Coventry, UK in 2023 is a great spot for a quick snack or a cozy coffee break.

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