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Starbucks Menu London, UK 2023

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Starbucks Menu London, UK, the world-renowned coffeehouse chain, first opened its doors in Seattle, USA in 1971. Fast forward to the present day, and Starbucks has become a household name with over 30,000 stores worldwide, including a significant presence in London, UK.

In 1998, Starbucks opened its first store in the UK, and since then, the chain has grown to have over 1,000 locations across the country. Starbucks has become an integral part of London’s coffee culture, with its distinctive green and white logo visible on every high street.

The Starbucks menu in London, UK offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, including different types of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced drinks. In addition to beverages, the menu also features a range of breakfast items, lunch options, and snacks to suit every taste and dietary requirement.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Starbucks menu in London, UK, including seasonal offerings and the loyalty program, as well as some thoughts on the chain’s impact on London’s coffee culture.

Starbucks Menu London, UK

Food Category Menu Items
Breakfast Croissants (plain, chocolate, almond), muffins (blueberry, chocolate, lemon poppyseed), breakfast sandwiches (bacon, sausage, egg and cheese), oatmeal, fruit salad
Lunch Paninis (ham and cheese, chicken and pesto, mozzarella and tomato), wraps (chicken Caesar, falafel and hummus), salads (chicken and quinoa, vegan lentil and beetroot), soups (tomato and basil, chicken and vegetable), mac and cheese
Snacks Cookies (chocolate chip, double chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry), cakes (carrot cake, lemon drizzle, red velvet), brownies (classic, white chocolate), fruit bars, popcorn, chips

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Starbucks Menu London, UK

Starbucks Menu London, UK Locations

Address : New Globe Walk, London SE1 9DS, United Kingdom

  • 16-18 Palmer St, London SW1H 0AD, United Kingdom
  • Lynton House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9LT, United Kingdom
  • 143 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8EL, United Kingdom
  • 223-227 Borough High St, London SE1 1JD, United Kingdom
  • 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom
  • 51 Great Russell St, London WC1B 3BA, United Kingdom
  • The Gallery, Sumner St, London SE1 9TG, United Kingdom
  • 112, 116 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1HH, United Kingdom
  • 5 Warren St, London W1T 5LA, United Kingdom
  • 49 Shad Thames, London SE1 2NJ, United Kingdom
  • 263d New Cross Rd, London SE14 5UQ, United Kingdom
  • 207 Edgware Rd, Tyburnia, London W2 1ES, United Kingdom
  • Unit 24, Midland Road St Pancras International Station, London NW1 2QL, United Kingdom
  • 389 Mile End Rd, Bow, London E3 4PL, United Kingdom
  • The Brunswick Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1AW, United Kingdom
  • 1-3 Villiers St, London WC2N 6NN, United Kingdom
  • Claps Gate Ln, London E6 6LG, United Kingdom
  • 50 Minories, London EC3N 1JJ, United Kingdom
  • 45 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DU, United Kingdom

Starbucks Menu London, UK Opening Hours

Monday, 6:30 am–8 pm
Tuesday, 6:30 am–8 pm
Wednesday, 6:30 am–8 pm
Thursday, 6:30 am–8 pm
Friday, 6:30 am–8 pm
Saturday, 7 am–8 pm
Sunday, 8 am–8 pm

Loyalty program

Starbucks Rewards is a loyalty program that offers customers in London, UK a variety of benefits when they make purchases at Starbucks stores. Here is an overview of the program and its benefits:


  • The program is free to join and available to all customers in the UK
  • Customers can sign up online or through the Starbucks app
  • Members earn 1 Star for every 1 pound spent, and can redeem Stars for free food and drinks
  • Members can also earn bonus Stars through various promotions and challenges
  • The program has multiple levels, starting with Welcome, Green, and Gold, each with its own set of benefits


  • Welcome level: Customers who sign up for the program receive a free drink or food item after their first purchase
  • Green level: Members who earn 5 Stars within 12 months will reach the Green level and be eligible for benefits such as free in-store refills, a birthday reward, and early access to new products
  • Gold level: Members who earn 50 Stars within 12 months will reach the Gold level and receive all the benefits of the Green level, plus a personalized Gold card, a free drink or food item for every 150 Stars earned, and exclusive invitations to special events and offers

In addition to these benefits, Starbucks Rewards members in London, UK can also enjoy personalized offers and promotions through the Starbucks app, as well as the convenience of mobile ordering and payment. Overall, the program offers a range of perks that make it a great choice for frequent Starbucks customers.


In conclusion, the Starbucks menu in London, UK offers a wide range of beverages and food items to cater to various tastes and preferences. From classic coffee drinks to seasonal offerings, there is something for everyone. In addition, Starbucks Rewards program provides an added incentive for loyal customers to earn points and redeem rewards.

Starbucks has been a popular destination for coffee lovers in London, UK for many years. With its welcoming atmosphere and quality products, Starbucks continues to provide a great experience for its customers. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast on-the-go or a place to relax with friends, Starbucks is a great choice.

Overall, Starbucks in London, UK is a great option for those looking for quality coffee and food in a comfortable environment. With its diverse menu and loyalty program, Starbucks is sure to continue its success in London, UK for many years to come.

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